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Community Veterinary Clinic: New X-ray Suite

There is big news at Community Veterinary Clinic!  We are excited about the construction of a new X-ray suite, to house a new radiographic unit.  This newly purchased unit is in our Sidney clinic.

In interviewing Dr. Current, he said, “My clients expect exceptional care, which necessitates top notch diagnostic tools.  This machine will enhance our ability to diagnose and treat our patients early and accurately.”

 We are proud to upgrade our hospital with premium equipment, while still offering our clients the “best value in the area.”

Ask about our new X-ray suite, or come for a hospital tour!

Great Doctors, Facilities, Compassion, & Care


Look at these adorable puppies!  Both of these cuties are patients at our St. Paris location.  They each visited the clinic for their vaccinations. 


Vaccines are very important to protect against viral infections.  Here at Community Veterinary Clinic, we start the puppies out with their first vaccination around the age of six to eight weeks.  Then, the second vaccine takes place at ten to twelve weeks.  The final vaccines are given at fourteen to sixteen weeks, concluding the puppy vaccination schedule.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule:

6-8 weeks:  DHLP Parvo-Corona

10-12 weeks:  DHLP Parvo-Corona              Bordetella (Kennel Cough):  if groomed, boarded, or in class

14-16 weeks:  DHLP Parvo- Corona & Rabies Vaccine       Bordetella (Kennel Cough):  if groomed, boarded, or in class

At every vaccine appointment, the physical exam is important to check the overall health of your precious pet.  It is also recommended to have the doctor do a simple, intestinal parasite screen to check for worms, which can also be transmitted to humans.  Last but certainly not least, be sure to start your puppy on heart worm prevention and continue to give monthly for the duration of your pet’s life.

**We want to hear from you.  Do you have any questions regarding puppy vaccinations?  Be sure to “leave a comment” at the bottom of the post.  In the future, you will see a couple of posts further discussing heart worms and intestinal parasites, so stay tuned!  Anything else you would like to know more about?  Let us know!**


This is Chewy!  He is a patient at our Troy clinic.  Chewy was in for a splint due to a leg injury.  He is such a trooper!  We are happy to report that he has healed and is feeling much better!

Doesn’t Chewy have a great smile?!

Costume Contest at Community Veterinary Clinic

Community Veterinary Clinic is having a Pet Costume Contest!

Join the fun!!!

To enter, go to our facebook page, and upload a picture of your pet in costume.

Contest ends Tuesday, November 1st.

The winner will receive a $25 Visa Gift Card!

Anesthesia at Community Veterinary Clinic

Last week here at the clinic, we had a team meeting focused on the anesthesia machine.  Anesthesia is the most important thing we do at Community Veterinary Clinic!  Everyone on staff reviewed the complete process of Induction, Maintenance, and Recovery.  We use the newest anesthesia and monitor our patients closely throughout their entire procedure.  We love your pets, too!

Before & After

This dog was brought to our clinic after being rescued.  After some TLC and a couple of visits with the doctor, she is healthy and looking beautifulGreat job to the pet owner, you rock!!!

Before & After