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Wellness vs. Preventive Care

When referring to the need for annual visits with the veterinarian, some might say using the terms “wellness” and “preventive care” is simply a case of semantics.

At Community Veterinary Clinic, we use the term “preventive care.”  To us, “preventive care” means seeing the doctor for important physical exams, vaccinations, parasite control, and diagnostics.  This is best for your pet and keeps your pet healthy!

In a recent article in “dvm Newsmagazine,” Dr. James F. Wilson, a veterinary consultant and lawyer, agrees that wellness versus preventive care is a case of semantics and connotation.  He said, “It could help clients make the connection that there is a reason to visit veterinarians every year or more frequently to keep their pets disease free.”

Let’s work together at keeping your pets healthy!

“Best Value in the Area”

Gobble! Gobble!

Community Veterinary Clinic wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Boarding at Community Veterinary Clinic

The holidays are right around the corner!  Want to have peace of mind, knowing that your pets are safe and receiving the best TLC around, while you are away?

At Community Veterinary Clinic, in our Piqua location, we offer boarding.  Just as you love your pets, we love them, too!  They receive the best care during their stay.  They sleep in cozy beds, play with toys, and we enjoy their company!

We offer convenient services such as immunizations or a nice bath before your pet returns home!  We have the “best value in the area!” Call us today!

A fun video…


This is Elphie, a sweet bulldog, with quite a lot to say! We had a great conversation last week at the clinic. She usually likes to do most of the talking! 😉


A few “thank you” cards from thoughtful clients…

Thank you all!  Your kind words mean a lot to us!  We love your pets, too!!

Pet Costume Contest Winner

Big announcement:  Buster is the winner of the Costume Contest!  Congratulations!!! What a great costume!