More on Preventive Care

An ounce of prevention…..

At Community Veterinary Clinic, we preach prevention!  We see sick, injured, and aged pets with problems that could not be prevented; however, we commonly see clients with their beloved pets suffering from issues that could have been prevented.

Preventive medicine is the best course to keep your pet healthy and your healthcare costs low.

Key Components of Preventive Care:

1. Annual or semi-annual check ups

Pets age seven times faster than we do.  Going to see your doctor every seven years would certainly not seem excessive.  With older pets, we like to see them every six months.

2. Appropriate vaccinations to protect your pet

3. Parasite protection, including heartworms for dogs and cats, intestinal parasites (some of which YOU can get), and flea protection in warm months.

4. Routine dental care includes appropriate diet, dental chews, home care, and teeth cleanings with fluoride treatments.

5. Senior Preventive Care

 The key to senior pet care is early detection.  Pets cannot tell us how they feel, but diagnostic testing can.  Comprehensive screening tests are recommended for pets over seven years of age and alerts us to changes in their overall health status.  It identifies problems not yet seen on the physical exam.  The early detection of disease can drastically extend the life of your pet.  This broad screening for many problems is simple, safe, and provides better health for your pet.

During a senior preventive care exam, the doctor takes a complete blood count, blood chemistries, thoracic radiographs, and a urinalysis.

Test                                        Screens for

CBC                                Infection, Anemia, Some Cancers

Blood Chemistry         Organ Dysfunction, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease

Urinalysis                     Kidney Disease, Metabolic Disease

EKG                               Heart Disease, Metabolic Disturbance

Chest X-ray              Heart Disease, Cancer, Pulmonary Disease

A Lifetime of Good Health Starts Today!


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